Office Rush

App Description

Save yourself to save your job! This time the Boss is really angry and has deployed a whole team that will keep a tab on every move of yours. So, this time if you are caught sneaking late into office, be ready to face the musical bash from him.

Check out the 'Office Rush' Game and witness the most amazing office experience ever! Make your way through the maze of cubicles and super active colleagues, whose constant vigilance will try to catch you red handed every moment. With your tactical and sharp moves reach your destination within the specified time frame.

No breakfast, no coffee, this man just wants to reach his office on time! Use your dynamic skills and ultimate powers to successfully complete this mission!

- 3 Super exciting modes Trainee, Fresher & Experienced.

- 400 plus Addictive levels!

- Ultimate power ups to boost your speed and keeps you moving.

- Its lighthearted feel and excellent graphics make it perfect for all ages.

- Face fun, brain-teasing challenges!

- Collect stars, earn Coins and shop for different power ups.

- Fool everyone around with your tactical & smart moves.

- Sneak into the office without getting busted.

Do you reach late to office and often get embarrassed? Read More

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