Electro Ball: Electro Music Drum Bouncing Balls

App Description

Lines of Balls of Music & Colors are coming your way, and you must smash them up at all costs. The Electro Ball Game is made up of magical and colorful Music Drum Pads of many colors that must be matched to smashed to get to the next level.

The Mystical spheres of florescent balls come from another world, and your challenge is to be fast to smash the right color balls bouncing on your screen in lines, at the right time.


- A fast-paced reaction game.

- Classic "Match 3" game genre redefined.

- Non stop excitement with 150 thrilling levels!

- 2 Exciting modes - Zen and Survival.

- Test your reflexes in challenging levels.

- Score high & show off in survival mode.

- Power ups to boost your chances of winning.

- Absolutely stunning music will leave you asking for more.

- Score higher by matching as many orbs as possible.

This interesting game, provides the best gaming experience with challenging and frenetic levels!

Get Electro Balls now & let the fun begin!


The game withholds your interest with 2 addictive modes -

- Zen: Get the hold of the game... Play the game in 3 rows, 4 rows and 5 rows!

- Survival: Uncertainty is fun and challenging... Ready for it? Face infinite jumbled up challenges. Read More

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