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App Description

The App
Does your Phone run out of Battery?
Does your Device always die at crucial moments?
Want to find a Perfect Solution?

We’ve spent months finding a solution for you that's Strong enough to take care of all your Battery Needs & also, saves you Tons of Data!

WooHoo & finally, we have come up with this Amazing Multi-feature Tool Box with extensive Power Management & Battery Saver Tools in a simple interface – Phone & Battery Magix!

Use this Superb App to save $$$ on your Phone DATA & WiFi Costs without hampering your usage! Read More...



Other Smart Tool Box Features

• Cache Cleaner – Cleans your Phone's Cache & Deletes Junk!

• History Cleaner – One touch to Clear all History Logs!

• Task Killer – Kills all the background tasks!

• System Info – Detailed Hardware & Software Info

• App Permissions – Lists the permissions required by Third Party Apps

• Apps2SD – Just One Touch to move Apps to another drive

• Batch Uninstaller – Batch Uninstaller for multiple Apps 

• Health Alerts – Alerts on Apps consuming High RAM, DATA, CPU, etc. Read more...

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