Best Health, Fitness Apps

#1. Gym Workouts Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises:

This app is the crown jewel of Migital. It is your true workout trainer as well as fitness coach which guides you, using videos of Bodybuilding & Fitness training of every muscle group. It guides you with smallest of details that are often ignored, like sets, reps, rest between sets, etc.

You can download Gym Workouts Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises from Google Play Store.


This app gives you goal specific training routines, whether you want to be like swole like bodybuilders or lean like aesthetic models. It has training videos by professional athletes, for Major muscle groups (Chest, Lats, Core, Arms, and Quadriceps) as well as for minor muscle groups like (Calves, Serratus, Traps, Rear Deltoids, etc.) It also includes challenges for keeping you motivated. Contains body-weight exercises so that you don't have to head to the gym for workout sessions.


#2. Run for Weight Loss by Mevo

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness freak. Running is a great cardiovascular activity that’s beneficial in so many bodily functions like getting rid of unwanted metabolic waste present in our system and enhancing the blood circulation so that the nutrients and oxygen are transported to every part of the body, efficiently. This is the best app to track and log your fitness regime. This is in fact the best sports activity tracker app. It is feature packed and is sure to motivate and guide you through every step.

You can download Run for Weight Loss by Mevo from Google Play Store & App Store.


You can easily track your run with it’s GPS guided system. It displays the distance you covered while your run and displays the other details like time taken, calories burnt etc. It guides you through different healthy diet options to improve your performance. You can play your favorite music track while on the run. This app also logs and tracks your performance, and stores it for you to analyze it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Mevo provides you with all the performance enhancing guidance that’s necessary for you to optimize your performance.


#3. Healthy 101: Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss

A fit lifestyle is a key to a healthy life. Fitness is not an impossible thing to attain, it can be tricky though. Depending on the type of approach you have towards it. The most important factor in any fitness regime is guidance. Without proper guidance, it's almost impossible to reach your goals. However, when you have the right guidance these goals become easily achievable. Healthy 101 is a complete guide for your fitness goals.

You can download Healthy 101 : Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss from Google Play Store & App Store.


It gives you a complete guidance on your diet and nutrition, including the food ingredients that are beneficial for you, the calorie count of each food item, and much more. It also gives a detailed guidance on the workout schedules you need to follow for a lean and fit body. It's an all-rounder app for all your fitness needs.

#4. Runkeeper-GPS Track Run Walk

This app tracks your outdoor as well as indoor activities like running, hiking, walking and gym workouts. It has a very intuitive as well as an attractive interface. It periodically stores your data and displays it in form of graphs and statistics. It makes use of GPS tracking and logs details like distance covered, path and direction of your running route.


It pairs with the Bluetooth headphones so that you enjoy your favorite music while on the run, it also combines with various wireless sensors so that you don’t miss a thing while precisely quantifying your performance. It continuously tracks and logs your data so that you get a quick insight and easily analyze your performance graph. You can also store and synchronize all your workout routines at one place.


#5. Feel the Burn

Lose Weight in 30 days. It's a weight loss guide which offers you a complete solution for your fitness regime. You get a detailed information on the exercises by making use of visuals and graphics. The workout schedules cover all the major muscle groups. The planner helps in suggesting the appropriate food items for your physique goals.


It helps you in keeping up with your fitness goals with a built-in step counter. Its database contains hundred's of low-calorie recipes. The exercise guide makes use of videos as well as animations to ensure perfect movement during exercise.

#6. Pedometer Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker AppIt is a step counter app as the name suggests, but wait there’s more. This app helps in keeping a track of the steps you took and amount of calories burnt throughout the day. It also keeps a track of the weight you lost and has a complete illustrative data for your weight at different stages of time. This app is totally dedicated to weight loss and fitness.


It has an accurate pedometer that calculates your steps with precision. It also has a powerful GPS that tracks the distance you cover and the route you travel. It has some more important tools like calorie counter, food diary, BMI & BMR calculators.

#7. Gym Coach-Workouts

Gym Coach is your compact personal workout and fitness trainer. It'll be your partner in helping you to reach your fitness goals and improve endurance, strength, muscle quality. You can even use it to count the calories you burn as part of your fitness program.

This app has different workout routines for different physique goals like a Bulky Body, Aesthetic Figure or A lean physique. Each category has a different workout and diet guidelines. It even contains a calorie counter.

#8. Twinbody Weight Loss Community

Twinbody app works on a completely different approach, it is a social network dedicated to weight loss and fitness goals. It matches your weight, height and goals to others with the same details on the network. This helps you in sharing your journey and losing weight with people matched exactly to you, keeping up a healthy competitive spirit and motivation towards weight loss.


You can share your transformations on the online community, using before and after photos. This app gives you encouragement for fitness and weight loss while supporting meal plans and workout routines.

#9. YAZIO Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan:

This is a calorie counter and a diet planner with a modern approach. It counts calories, tracks your meal macros, and displays it as statistical data. With Yazio, you can track your meals and maintains a log of basic vitals of your body, like blood pressure and blood sugar. It has a more professional approach towards your diet and fitness goals.


It tracks all your activities including sports, workouts, steps, etc. User-friendly interface allows the user to log meal related data easily. It tracks all the macros and helps in planning meals efficiently. Most of the features are available only in the paid version of this app.

#10. Start Running:

It is an app that’s only dedicated to running and has a powerful GPS tracker that keeps a track of the routes you use for running and analyzes your performance based on the amount of time you take while running through a specific distance. It contains a BMI & BMR calculator so that you can easily track your progress.


This app uses analytical tools like graphs, stats and charts to display your overall daily, weekly or monthly progress. It has a calorie tracker that helps you in keeping a precise track of calories burnt throughout the day. It has the access to the media player so that you can enjoy your favorite music while running and achieving your fitness goals.



The play store is flooded with fitness apps but most of them are monotonous and provide the same old calorie tracking and schedules. However, the apps which made it to the top 3 of this list are feature-packed and come with a lot of features and useful tools that can greatly help you with your quest for fitness. These apps can guide you if you wish to transform your physique and become a better version of yourself.

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