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Food delivery apps are expanding the choice and convenience by allowing the meal delivery with just a single tap of a mobile phone. Yet healthy food is hard to find and delivered less. If you too are a food fanatic, get ready to explore the limitless apps for healthy recipes and cooking for Android and iOS mobiles at Presenting the 10 best healthy food and drinks app for you:


#1. Healthy Recipes: Low-Calorie Weight Loss Foods :

It’s often said that your body is a temple and whatever you eat, is reflected by your body. Healthy recipes app offers you an exact solution for all your diet needs. It has a huge database which contains thousands of recipes that are ideal for all your health & fitness goals. A healthy diet is your holy grail if you want a lean, fit and attractive physique. Moreover, healthy diet habits protect you from a lot of diseases and ailments. This app is one for all solution for all your fitness/nutrition related needs.

You can download Healthy Recipes: Low-Calorie Weight Loss Foods from Google Play Store.


Gives a complete info on workouts and diet plans. Like, what food is best for your physique goals? How many calories to consume for your fitness regime? It not only gives you plain diet schedules but advanced diet schedules like keto-diet & gluco-genesis. Now nutrition-rich food doesn't need to be tasteless. Healthy recipes provide you with countless recipes to add taste to your nutrition-rich food. More and more recipes are added on a regular basis.  

#2.  My Diet Coach  :

My Diet Coach is a weight loss diet app but it has a unique feature which makes it stand out of the crowd and that is, it keeps you on track, motivates you like a coach, helps you in resisting the food cravings and assists you in overcoming all difficulties during weight loss.

Features :

It contains a macro-calculator to track daily carb, protein and fat intake and a water intake reminder. It motivates you in fulfilling your fitness goals by helping with your food cravings, laziness while working out. It's like a digital coach dedicated to your fitness goals.

#3.  Fit Bites:

While on a fitness quest, diet is considered to be the most important factor of all because of a simple reason that whatever you eat, will have a direct impact on your physical appearance, your state of mind and overall health. Therefore, in order to ensure optimum performance of bodily functions, you need to keep a watch on what you eat. Presenting one of the best apps by Migital, Fit Bites is your one-touch solution to all the diet-related guidance. Whether you're a fitness freak or just a person with simple fitness goals, Fit Bites is suitable for all fitness needs.


Search through a huge collection of recipes, you can even save/share these recipes. New recipes added on a daily basis. Helps you in achieving the desired results with good tasting food. You can count all the macro-nutrients which can be obtained with a particular meal, this is the best feature of this amazing app. It has a fast & smooth performing interface having a clear & intuitive design and makes use of animations for better understanding. The best thing is that this feature-packed app is absolutely free for use, however, you can remove ads by making some in-app purchases.


#4.  High Protein Diet Sources Food :

This app guides about high protein foods fruits & vegetables and high protein diet foods for vegan & non-vegetarian users of all age groups. Its database has compiled all types of high protein food sources that are suitable for every fitness goal. Let it be muscle building or Weight Loss or even bodybuilding. This app offers a diet solution for everything.


Its database contains a list of top protein-rich foods that can be easily found anywhere in the world, which are completely natural. This database is not only suitable for gaining/ bulking but also for weight loss and leaning for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

#5.  Effective Weight Loss Guide :

This application has a huge collection of weight loss tips. It makes use of a BMI calculator for providing you information related to your weight. It has a Calorie chart of various food ingredients which are essential for weight loss. It contains hundred's of healthy recipes that are best for your fitness goals.


It guides you through various weight Loss Tips, improves your eating habits with healthy weight loss recipes. It contains a calories chart to track your daily calorie intake. It's database also contains weight-loss exercises & Yoga poses as well.

#6.  Diet and Weight Loss :

Diet and Weight Loss, is another app in the weight loss/ maintenance category. It is an innovative app to help you in fulfilling your physique goals, no matter if it's weight loss, lean figure or just a healthy lifestyle.

The unique thing about this app is that it doesn't impose any strict and complex routines on you, it rather helps you in achieving your targets in a healthy way.


It has a number of diet schedules like points system diet, blood type diet. It also contains some useful tools like BMI calculator, daily nutrition, water intake regulator and analysis of your daily progress.

#7.  Weight Loss Recipes :

Weight loss recipes are yet another app which works as a cookbook, containing a database of healthy dishes. It has a large variety of recipes pre-loaded in its database. These recipes are suitable for your weight loss goals. Ranging from low calorie to macro rich diet. The recipes are simple and easy to cook.


You can search recipes by ingredients as well as names, these recipes can easily be accessed offline. You can also create a shopping list with this food & drinks app. The other details provided by this app include, preparation time, nutritional value, calories, etc. This app is only focused on weight loss diet.

#8.  Wefit App:

It's a fitness tracking app which includes carb counting tools, calorie charts, workout routines, and the detailed reporting that can help you in analyzing the progress in your overall fitness goals. Moreover, it's a great app for tracking macros and counting carbs.


It's capable of tracking 3,500,000 foods ingredients, so you can count the calories you consume while keeping a diet that’s beneficial for you. It allows you to track both strength training exercises and cardio with its easy search function, including sets of exercise and desired reps. It demonstrates the correct exercise form so you avoid injury-causing mistakes.

 #9.  Lose It! - Fitness Recipes :

It's a fun to use and an effective healthy recipe apps program. Just download the app, set your goals and preferences, and track the nutritive value of everything you eat while following a diet. It’s simple: You use it, you lose it. You just need to enter your details and target weight, and this app will calculate the daily calorie budget best suited for you.


You can log food by simply taking a photo, making it easy to track diet and macros. It helps in connecting with tracker devices like Fitbit trackers. It also has a serving size guide, designed to make your diet goals more precise. It contains a meal planner to ensure that you never lose your track.

#10.  MyPlate- Calorie Tracker App :

This app is created by the famous It's not just a simple calorie tracker but also has hundreds of recipes to choose from. It doesn't only track the calorie intake, but also tracks your physical activities like biking, running, exercises, etc.


It helps in keeping track of your weight and progress over time, it reviews detailed data, daily goals for your nutritional intake of macros like protein, fat, carbs, fibre, sugar, etc. You can also set meal-time reminders to keep you on track.


Most of these apps serve the purpose of a recipe book, containing a few random recipes that might even be outdated. However, Healthy Recipes  & Fit Bites are the best food drinks apps which made it to the top of our list and offers top-class features like goal-oriented diet plans and a recipe database which transforms boring healthy meals to a taste bud tantalizing avatar. Unlike other apps, new recipes are uploaded every once in a while. While other apps emphasize only on basic diet schedules like weight loss or weight gain, healthy recipes provide even the most advanced diet schedules like keto & gluco genesis diets. Therefore Apps like Healthy recipes & Fit bites are a must haves for all those fitness freaks out there.


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