Best Entertainment Apps


#1.  My YouTube Channel App Maker: Create a Channel App

YouTube Channel App-maker by Viral Bao, is an amazing app-maker platform for your YouTube channel. This is the app version of the popular app-making platform. It creates apps for your YouTube channels. If you’re a famous YouTuber or an aspiring one, then you must understand the importance of having an app for your channel, it can take you to the top in terms of views and subscribers as well.

You can download My YouTube Channel App Maker from Google Play Store


A. It’s a very simple application to use and you don’t even need prior knowledge of Android programming for creating an app on this platform.

B. You can create an app within minutes and you don’t even need to fill those lengthy forms asking for info while signing-up.

C. It allows you to arrange your videos based on categories and sub-categories for an efficient presentation of data.  The best part is, you can create and publish your app absolutely free!


#2.  Mobile Lighter:

It's a fun app which proves to be very entertaining while killing time. Highly entertaining app with cool graphics special effects like custom lighter skins, popcorn visuals, fireworks and much more. The lighter opens with a flick of your wrist and lights with a turn of your thumb.

You can download Mobile Lighter from the Google Play Store.


You can blow on your phone's microphone to extinguish its flame, It has a bright flashlight that brightens up your phone. It allows you to show your creativity with such beautiful effects. You can also set different colors & adjust the flame.


#3.  APK Creator:

Creating app was never this simple and easy. This is an easy app builder app that creates apps in mere 3 steps. Just pick a template, edit it and upload your content into it. It creates fully functional app compatible with every version of Android. It can create 3 types of Apps: Live Wallpapers, Picture display app & Gift apps.


This app can create live wallpaper app, just select the template & upload background images and voila! You have a beautiful live wallpaper app. While the Picture app allows you to upload and arrange your favorite images in an app. It can create a portfolio of your images in form of an app. The gift apps are intended just for fun, you can create an app for wishing your friends a happy new year or wish them on their birthdays.


#4.  BLW Visualizer:

It is a beautiful custom live wallpaper maker which has a lot of inbuilt themes and sound visualizer. Everything can be customized in the appearance of the live wallpapers. It's creative dynamic sound visualizations react to every music or sound that is emitted from your device. It brings your home screen to life.


It's one of a kind beautiful live wallpaper maker which has smooth animations. It automatically reacts to any form of music or audio that you're listening to. It is equipped with numerous music visualizer themes like pulsing shapes, bars and lightning.


#5.  AppSmart  App Creator:

AppSmart is a free app creation platform that helps in creating powerful and attractive apps. This platform is one of the quickest app creators. You can create an efficient app in a few short minutes. This app maker platform has a lot of built-in themes and templates that provide you with a lot of options to choose from.


The theme availability is amazing and the number of templates provided is massive. The system is very quick and responsive, it allows you to create wonderful apps in a few minutes. No prior knowledge of coding and programming is needed.



The best entertainment apps made it to the top of our list and they’re truly worth giving a shot. You can download these apps from the mentioned link and transform your smartphone into and incredibly fun device.



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