Frequently asked Questions

Migital Basics
A. Migital Basics
What is "Populat Tags"?
Popular Tags is the most popular searches used by users.
What is "My Account"?
You need to create an account to purchase any application or to recieve new letters from Migital.
What is "My Wishlist"?
If you like the application and if you need to buy this applications next time, you can save this applications in Wishlist.
After some time, you can add to CART from wislist, when you want to purchase them.
What is "My Cart"?
"My Cart" will display your purchasing details. How many applications you are purchasing and How much you are spening for all the applications.
How to search the applications for my Handset?
You can find "Search" tab below the account tab. You can search any application using search.
What are these Application Categories and How can differenciate the application?
Generally Migital devided the applications into few categories based on customer's usage of the application.
Business and Productivity
Fun & Multimedia
Image Stripper
Bikini Babes
You can search your applications based on the above categories
How can i Subscribe for News Letters? Back To Top
Go to our home page and you will find subscribe newsletter box. Please enter your valid email address for subscription.
I want to ask about the application features and functionality?
In order to know more about any software's features or functionality, please contact Support Team and they will respond you with in 2 business days.
My GPRS settings are not enabled what should I do?
GPRS is a service that your mobile phone network operator (e.g. O2, Vodafone, etc.) needs to enable before it can be used.
You will also need to ask your Network Operator to enable this service for you.
In some cases, it may take up to 48 hours for your operator to enable this service.
I have problems surfing over GPRS?   Back To Top
If your handset has a web browser, you may find that you can not surf web pages, even though the handset shows that you are connected.
On a Pocket PC, this may show up as "page not found". On a Symbian OS and Smartphone, you may see this as "GPRS: Invalid GPRS access point".
Most GPRS handsets are set with access to the network operator's WAP gateway, and this will only allow you to browse dedicated WAP content, and not standard Internet web pages.
You will need to set up your handset for Internet-over-GPRS, using the network operator's Internet APN, not the WAP APN (You will find the information you need listed above).
You'll also need to ask your Network Operator to enable this service for you. In some cases, it may take up to 48 hours for your operator to enable this service.
B. Transactions Back To Top
How can i search applications for my mobile?
Select your Handset and Handset Model Number. Then the applications exists for your handset will be displayed.
How to buy an application for my Mobile?
Select the application that you need to purchase. Select "ADD" option and select your handset on the Pop up screen.
the screen will direct to the "Shopping Cart". Select "Upgrade Shopping Cart" and enter your credit card details.
When the transaction is successful, you can download the application.
What is IMEI Number?   Back To Top
The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is unique ID of your phone.
This ID is required when you purchase any mobile software.
If you provide the incorrect ID of your handset then registration key will not work.
You can retrieve this ID by keying in *#06# and your mobile phone ID will be displayed on your handset screen.
You can also find this information on the back of your device, usually in the battery compartment
Your IMEI will display at your phone like 321456-98-987456-1 or 321456989874561 (A 15 digit unique code)
I am having problems with my device's screen or other hardware-related problems?
This issue is related to your hand held device and must address the device maker. Please consult your device manufacturer.
What type of Transaction securities you have?
We accept different Modes of payment which includes the following:
Do i need account to buy the application?
Yes, you need to have an account to buy application.
Do i need account to Trail the application?
No, You need not to have an account to trail the application
Can i order multiple products at a time?
Yes, you can order multiple application at a time. Select the applications you want to purchase and Add the applications in Cart.
Update the shoppong cart and then purchase the applications using Credit or debit card
Can i order one application for various mobiles?
Yes, you can order an application for Various mobiles. It is so important that you should need IMEI numbers of those Phones.
The license key will be generated based on the IMEI numbers. So you need to enter the right IMEI number. To get IMEI number, Press *#06#
Does your transaction website is securable? Back To Top
Transactions are very secured. We have trasaction partners like PAYPAL and 2Checkout.
Does your web site site has SSL Certification?
Yes, we have SSL Certifications through our Transaction Partners.
Can i delete the application from "My Wishlist"?
Yes, You can delete the applications from "My Wishlist" screen. Select Trash Icon, the application will be removed from "My Wishlist".
How my purchased product(s) will be delivered to me?
After the trasaction are successfull, then you can download the application.
A mail will be delivered to your mail ID which contains all the information regarding application and purchasing details.
How to install Java (.JAR/.JAD) files? .
Installation Guide
How to install JAVA files
Transfer the downloaded .JAD and .JAR files to the microSD memory card temporarily to install.
In this example we have a folder called "installs" on the root of our memory card (E: )
Go to File Manager:

Select the Memory Card and navigate to the folder you transferred the .JAD and .JAR too. (in my case "Installs"), you will then see the two files.

Ensure you install from the .JAD file and not the .JAR file. (This is crucial!). Check this by selecting "View Details" from the options menu.

When confirmed that you have the .JAD file, click ok and then select to open and continue the install.

Unless you really want to install the app to the phone memory, select the memory card instead and allow the installation to complete.

That completes the installation of Applications
How to install Symbian (.sis) files? Back To Top

Installation Guide.
How to install SIS files.
To install an application to your phone.
Unzip the zipped file that you downloaded, and extract all the files therein into a folder on your PC.
There are possible SIS, SISX, or .JAR and .JAD files for the application you want to install. The .JAD and .JAR files must both be saved in the same folder on your PC.

I am unable to pass the purchase page?
First of all please confirm that whether your web browser is accepting cookies or not.
Please enable the cookies option so that you can make purchase:

1. For Internet Explorer, this is located in Tools, Options, and Security.
2. For Netscape, this is located in Edit, Preferences, Privacy and Security, and Cookies
C. Support Back To Top
How to contact you when i get any problem in Application?
Please mail us at regarding the problem of the application. We will reply to you with in 2 days of working days.
What should i do, If the transaction is successfull and i didn't get the application?
Please send your transaction details and IMEI number to "". We will send you Trail file with the license key, when we verify the details from our side.
What types of supports do you have?

You can mail us at or you can chat with our support team in live. Visit "" and select "Live Chat" to chat with our support team.
What is the license key?
When you purchase the application, you will download the free application. But you need to make the full application with the license key.
I can not unlock my software with your supplied Unlock key?
The unlock key is processed against the IMEI number which you provide during the download process.
Please make sure that you have entered the correct IMEI number of your device.
In case, if you have entered a wrong IMEI number than provide us the correct IMEI number and include the name or software ID also.
When I was installing the software at my handset, a 'FATAL' or 'DLL' error appeared?

In order to know more about any software's features or functionality, please contact Support Team and they will respond you with in 2 business days.
D. Account
How can I become the member of "Migital"?
You can sign up for a member account by following this link
once you are on the screen use the “Register” option by providing your email address and following on screen directions for signing up.
In addition to that Migital provides a very flexible option of getting registered by only providing your email address during purchase of software or downloading free or trail versions.
- I lost my member account password. How to get it?
In order to retrieve your password, please click at FORGOT PASSWORD button below the Password box at our home page.
Your lost or forgotten password then will be sent to you in an email.
Please enter your email carefully to avoid message of invalid email.
I want to change my email or password in my member account. Is it possible?
You can change your password and even your personal profile by first logging in to your member account.
Once you are logged in as member click on "My PROFILE" button and then click "Change Password" button under account information
To modify your account profile please clicks on Modify Profile button under "My profile", after that you can change any of your personal information.
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