About Us


Migital is one of the largest developers of mobile applications & games across the globe. Having more than 500 applications & games developed and published in various categories and for almost every mobile platform, we proudly claim to be the "first among equals".

Many licensing deals have been commissioned by us so far, including pre-embedded and downloadable clients for millions of mobile handsets worldwide. We are the preferred solution provider for major mobile manufaturers, providing both 'Royality' based and 'One Time Licensing' based business models.

Along with a number of Web,Wap, Online Retail channels and SMS Push based catalogues, we have harboured strong tie-ups with major telecom carriers in Asia, Europe, America, to serve a global customer base.

We also incorporate our own end to end content management, on device store fronts, delivery and various billing platforms. It makes us efficient to provide quality services with perfection to our clients and customers.

We also deliver mobile content such as Wallpapers, Themes, Games, and Applications through numerous channels worldwide, in partnership with many major Content Publishing Organisations.

Through Games and Applications, we bring work and fun together on one platform.
A Mobile is not just a business or communication device anymore, it is much more than that!

Our motto is "Redifining Mobility, Simplifying Solutions".
Keeping this in mind, we continuously work towards perfection!